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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kaleidoscope -40

kaleidoscope -40 welcomes you.

The reason I decided to English K-40 is simple and just simple. Just for a change! If you could observe someone closely, forget someone, If you can observe yourself closely, you will find that you are moving in a circle. May be, just like our earth, the radius of that circle (whatever it is) is so large that we think we are progressing in straight lines! Sometimes I feel that I have not done anything today that I can say is not a repetition of what I had done yesterday.So,at least writing in English, I feel, would make me feel a little difference from being monotonous. Do not worry, kaleidoscope will continue to glow in Tamil from K-41 onwards


Which are the moments when you felt that the human life is a hell? For me, it is not when I passed through painful nights alone ; not when I did not get through the job I wanted;not when ..(OK I can't tell this!) but when I have to travel in the city buses while the next or next to next day happens to be a festival day.(Better I stay in Bangalore for the so-called Diwali). People boarding buses with heaviest luggage possible (why don't they keep their luggage simple??) labors entering with all their fancy tools, unfriendly conductors,Oxygen demanding ambiance,sweat, last but not the least, TRAFFIC! physicists are wondering what can be said to be the lowest speed possible, I hereby tell them, please go and ask the city bus drivers!

In order to learn gymnastics, just travel in a crowded city bus! you will learn all the tricks! how to stand on a single finger, how to bend your body eight fold (Astavakra!) How to make room for three people in an 1x1 square foot area, how to stand on your bag!Electrons are lucky, According to uncertainty principle they cannot be squeezed beyond a certain limit (and they say that's why
we do not find electrons inside the nucleus) but humans are unlucky, in this context, they can be squeezed beyond limit, into the tiniest volumes possible.

And this crazy conductors, for them, there is always a plenty of space in the rear side, howsoever full the bus is!Still there are ladies who demand a volume of space around them even when the bus is dangerously overloaded. With all these non-sense around, I feel why on the earth I should celebrate a festival? but, still there are reasons why people (including me) travel home for festivals. May be , for them, a little smile on their nephew's face when they offer him a box of crackers would outweigh all the sufferings they underwent traveling last night.


There was fun fiesta in the office last week. For some people, the definition of 'Fun' is Antaksari , musical chair, cricket,Facial painting. etc., OK leave that point, I'm wondering how on the earth people remember so many cine songs! (esp. Hindi) So far, one Hindi song,I have successfully managed to remember first two lines of! that is 'Ek do theen chaar pAnch'

ust play first few seconds of the initial music and there they are! they come up with the (entire) song! Just tell the Actor's name ; they come up with hundred's of his songs!

being IT professionals, I'm wondering how do they manage to fingertip all the songs? (mobile audio libraries!) For me all the movie songs, sound more or less the same (Everything tastes like Chicken!) and that's why I have not been able to remember many! memory needs its contents to be versatile! And why do they think the classical Singers are a stand-out? In fact without classical music no light music would have been evolved. In India , people clap when someone sings western music with a burst voice and laugh when someone sings ah-ah ! Strange! I have so far not heard of something called 'Carnatic Antaksari' :-(


Have you ever been a guest? the answer would be yes! We all have been sometimes guests; sometimes hosts! For me, to be a host is easier than to be a guest! to be a guest is so embarrassing; so uneasy.

There are people who belong to this category: 'when you come to my house, what will you bring? when I come to your house what will you give?' And there, I think, are three types of hosts;

First: They serve you without asking you. Just enter their house. Coffee, Fanta, snacks, biscuits, Bajjis will all be sequenced toward you as a pleasant surprise!

Second: They serve you after asking you. 'Sir will you have some drinks? Do you like tea or Coffee, Do you like the sugar to be less or normal'?

Third: They serve after you ask them ."It's too hot outside, May I have a glass of water?'

and ultimately the fourth. 'They don't serve even after you ask them' .Fortunately there are not many in the fourth category.

Gone are the days when we went to relative's house with kith and kin, stayed there for days together. Now people are booking appointments to visit their relatives. (hospitality!!) but Guests were treated with immense respect in the earlier days esp. in India . They were called 'Atiti' meaning they can walk into the house anytime, any day, any season without any reason! There were hosts that sacrificed their own little food in order to serve their guests! That's nothing. There were crazy guests who demanded the host's child be cooked and served!

A Thirukkural reads like this:

செல்விருந் தோம்பி வருவிருந்து பார்த்திருப்பா
னல்விருந்து வானத் தவர்க்கு.

He who pleases the guests outgoing and look forward to having more guests
shall become a good guest to the celestials.


A few week ago, a historical event happened. Yes I joined Gym! I'm not greedy for six pack,but to get rid of at least the Pothy's bag! :) but, as you know, great things do not last long! After a few days, the life-negative thoughts of indian sages started bothering me. Kind of: Oh fool, would you go on beautifying the body that shall one day be buried? so don't be worried! don't go to Gym! :D you guessed it right, I quit the gym!

பார்த்தா பசுமரம் படுத்துவிட்டா நெடுமரம்
சேர்த்தா விறகுக்காகுமா? ஞானத் தங்கமே
தீயிலிட்டா கரியும் மிஞ்சுமா?

Elegant tree if you behold, green and tall
just a long dead trunk after the fall
Collect it, you cannot use it for fuel
Burn it ,there remains no charcoal

Yes this is a riddle! and the answer is our Human body!

Ok this is thought of meta-physics. To state it simply, why I quit the gym, is that I cannot get up so early in the morning! (so early,to me, is 6:30 AM!)


Why why why?

Why is that when we book a ticket, we have to pay the money immediately and when we cancel the ticket, it comes back to us after seven days?
why is that when we book a ticket, you have to pay the entire amount and when you cancel the ticket, a portion of the fare is deducted?


A simple way to look busy in the office: hold a piece of paper in your hand along with a pen (better open pen's cap) and roam here and there.(EE (exceeds expectation) confirmed!!!!)

Osho joke:

A woman received a report from the school.

'Your little boy is very intelligent,' said the teacher's note accompanying the report card, 'but he spends entirely too much time playing with the girls. However, I am working on a plan to break him of the habit.'

The mother signed the report and sent it back with this note: 'Let me know if it works, and I will try it out on his father.'



Ramachandranwrites said...

Nice postings in english, but switch back to tamil

Sugumarje said...

That's nice... But I think so The English fail on some of perfect Explain :)

Yesterday I learn this lesson :))

Peesama thaminglish leye peesaidalam, illane இருக்கவே இருக்கு நம்ம தமிழ்...

bandhu said...

இதுவும் நன்றாகவே இருக்கிறது!

அரபுத்தமிழன் said...

வெள்ளையர்களுக்கு மத்தியில் வள்ளுவனையும், திருவிளையாடல்
சிவாஜியையும் பார்த்தவுடன் 'சுதந்திரம்' கிடைத்தது போல
புல்லரித்தது சார். இணையத்தில் மாத்திரம்தான் தமிழ் வாழ்கிறது. சேஞ்சுக்காக‌ 'change' வேண்டாம் ஆசானே

தண்டப்பயல் said...

showing colors... cool.. :):) kalaidescope is colorful wateva language it is.. great buddy.. pokes.. :) :)

வைரை சதிஷ் said...


Katz said...

thora englishla ellaam eluthuthu.

அகல்விளக்கு said...

ஆழ்ந்த வருத்தங்கள்... :(

G.M Balasubramaniam said...

கணினி சில நாட்கள் படுத்துக்கிடந்தது. முன்பே படிக்க முடிந்திருந்தால் ஆங்கிலத்திலேயே கருத்திட்டிருப்பேனோ என்னவோ. வலையில் வாசிப்பவர்கள் பெரும்பாலோர். ஆழ்ந்து அனுபவித்து படிப்பவர்களாகத் தெரியவில்லை. தமிழிலேயே இப்படி என்றால் ஆங்கிலத்தில் நான் ஒன்றும் சொல்ல வில்லை.

Jayadev Das said...

\\Kind of: Oh fool, would you go on beautifying the body that shall one day be buried? so don't be worried! don't go to Gym! :D you guessed it right, I quit the gym!\\ அதுக்காக சாப்பிட வேண்டாம், தூங்க வேண்டாம், உடம்பு சரியில்லை என்றால் மருத்துவர் கிட்ட போக வேண்டாம் என்று சொல்லவில்லையே!!! உடலை ஆரோக்கியமாக வைத்திருப்பதும் மிக முக்கியம், அவசியம். ஆனால், உடலைப் பேணுவதில் மட்டுமே கவனத்தை செலுத்தி, ஆன்மாவைப் பற்றி கண்டுகொள்ளாமல் விட்டு விடக்கூடாது என்பதைத்தான் இப்படிச் சொல்லியிருக்கிறார்கள்.